Thursday, November 24, 2011


Monday is getting closer and closer. I went to the library yesterday and got a stack of books that should see me through for a while - funny they are all easy novels to read about life in general and FOOD.  Another family of snowmen has gone to their new home this week and judging by the delight of their new owners I should imagine I'll have a few more to do by christmas.  Rabbits bred ovenight in the craft room, a photo will be posted later today or tomorrow. Got to dash into town soon to get the rates paid and another library book that they didn't have at my library here, a quick shop and then home again, pack up my craft box for the night markets at another town tonight and then another market tomorrow if the rain holds off. Last night it was nearly midnight by the time I finished crafting, sewing hair ties onto flowers and arms.legs and ears onto bunnies.  I have to get my grandgirls dolls done yet and a few tea-towel toppers for christmas presents - everyone is getting handcrafted MWL's (made with Love) for chrissy this year. 
All this hard work, its a good job I enjoy crafting because I'm not making any money at it, I'll have to seriously think about wether I want to continue with the markets or find another outlet, not sure wether I want the commitment of a shop. I have set up a Made It shop and I think I have one on Etsy but not got either of them going yet.  So perhaps the next few weeks will be spent weighing up all the pros and cons and wether I can be commited or not (my family and a couple of friends would tell you I am ready to be commited  LOL) to get everything up and running. 
Better get a wiggle on before the day runs away from me again.


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  1. You are so busy with your crafts, there must be a way for you to profit from them. Good luck with your thinking and pondering on it.