Thursday, December 15, 2011

runaway train.......

That is how life feels at the moment, it speeding away from me like a runaway train. The op went well, I feel great though I have yet to get my appetite back, I mowed the lawns yesterday and had a day with the grandgirls on wednesday and I've done a big shop. The doc did say no heavy lifting and to take it easy for 6 weeks.  But if I don't do things myself they won't get done at all.  I have a thing about asking for help - I don't do it, I muddle on as best I can. 
My car broke down yet again, needed a new radiator, took the old radiaor out and the son discovered the alternator belt was missing, so that was another job and then some other little part broke down a  day after i was back on the road again, this resulted in a trip halfway down the mountain to meet No.3 son to pick up the part he got for us from the city which turned out to be the wrong one. No.1 son ran around trying to get parts. Finally I was back on the road again - I lasted one trip in to town which resulted in the new radiator overheating, this time I discovered a hose had split and the fan was sticking.  The universe is conspiring against me, why on earth it wants to keep me off the road I have no idea.  My friends car is in for a service and they keep finding little things that need doing, it might not be back by this arvy so we might have to go in my car, we won't be able to fit everything in but just take the essentials we will need for the night markets.  Do we want to risk my car even though the son assures me its going fine now. 
I have been busy making things for the christmas markets, crocheting my little fingers to the bone.  Last week was the worst weekend ever, only one sale.  This weekend looks to be a wet one with storms all around us, we have 3 markets to do which will be the last for the year.  Not sure wether I want to continue with all the markets or maybe just do the one big one a month - its at the bottom of my street so theres no travel time or petrol involved but they are putting the stall fee up. Or, do I go with an etsy or madeit store. 
I really want to just sit down and crochet with no pressure on me - I have four orders to get out and I can see me rushing around at the last minute.  There seems to be so much I have to do and I have lost that passion for creating.  I have made some bracelets which I love and I did make some cute rabbits but I seem to have hit a brick wall with my creativity. Not really sure which direction I want to go in.
Oh well, this has turned out to be a whinge post. No photo's even.  I need to edit the ones I took recently and I can't even be bothered to do that.
I promise the next post will be full of pretties.


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