Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to my world

My world - hooks, yarn, needles and threads.  Since my crochet seems to be taking over my other blog I thought perhaps it was time to have one just for my hookings.  Somewhere where I could post patterns.  I am sure my family and friends (unless they are that way inclined) are getting bored with the crafty side of things, in fact I think hardly any of them read my blogs anymore since my life went back on track.  If you are new to my blogs and have no idea who I am you can always check out my profile and read my other blogs if you have a week or two spare or I can give you a quick rundown on my life so far.........
50 something widow, mother of three grown up boys, grandmother to two little girls, live in a beautiful part of far north queensland in Australia, I love crochet and embroidery at the moment (I am very fickle, it all might change someday), I lost my husband (I know, careless of me) 5 yrs ago after caring for him for many years, I then had a heart attack and a triple by-pass, was diagnosed with a thyroid problem, then diabetes, got all that under control and just before my birthday in August of this year they found gallstones so next week I get the gallbladder out.  What keeps me sane throughout all of this - my crocheting and crafting of course, I've crafted throughout all the hard times in my life, it kept the bailiffs from the door in times of financial strife, it provided money to have decent christmases, its put food on the table and now my life is on an even keel it soothes my soul and is an outlet for my creative side.  I sometimes get my work published in Handmade magazine which is a big thrill. I have a little old dog - a mini foxy and together we are growing old disgracefully.  I occassionally garden, I take long walks by the lake and I lunch with friends.  Not much more to add. 
So keep yours eyes out on this blog, if you have seen any of my work on my other blogs and you would like the pattern, let me know, I tend to make things up as I go along and have only jotted down a few of the patterns. I am discipling myself to jot them down as I go along but I tend to not bother in the vain hope I will remember the pattern next time.

I waffle on as well, sometimes about inane things, so this blog will just be about the crocheting, if I get boring please let me know.



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  1. I crochet to relax. As soon as I pick up the needle I almost melt. Sometimes patterns are frustrating and there is always something new to learn but I couldn't go a day without crocheting. How awesome to get your patterns published from time to time. Take care after your gallstone operation. Just pick up the hook!