Sunday, November 20, 2011


I have my first follower for my new blog.....Delena please email me your snail mail addy (cos I threw away the envelope with your address on) and I will send you a little something for being the first to follow.  Let me know your colour likes and dislikes - muted, brights, pastels etc.
 A week tomorrow (28th) I get my gall bladder out, my house is all clean and tidy, the spare room ready for my friend to stay over, I'm making a baggie up with a little project in it (cos I am the worlds worst patient) for while I'm waiting to go to theatre and after when I'm waiting to go home. I'll mow the lawn the day before I go in and give the garden a good watering as well.  I'm busy crocheting up a storm so that I will have plenty of stock for the christmas markets and I plan to recover at home by taking it easy and crafting away. 
Did two markets this weekend, its a good job I don't rely on them to earn a living, lots of lookers but they are not buying anything other than cheap veggies and plants. I covered petrol, the stall fee and coffee with a little bit of profit both days.  Doing a night market this coming week and our village one on Saturday.  Got one snowdoll family all finished and ready to be posted off and another that just needs sewing up. I'll try and get the pattern down for the little grub dolls this week, I haven't got time to be sick.



  1. Glad I found where you are!! I do not want to miss the little garden grub pattern - so cute. Here is wishing you good health!

  2. Jan I like every color and especially greens.
    You are a sweetheart!